From the mouth of the experts

With one of the most dynamic food scenes in the world, it's no surprise that London also has one of the hottest food blogging communities!

@FOODMOOD, we want to make it easier for everyone to explore the wealth of London food blogs and believe it will change the way people search for restaurants. Swipe through our smart search engine, find out what food you are in the mood for and access expert reviews in just one tap! Currently we track more than 200 bloggers and expect the number to keep increasing. Join us in spreading this vibrant culture!

We have already received great feedback from bloggers and potential users. It gave us the motivation to bring this mouth-watering experience to life. Bloggers, should you want to know more about us or should you feel that the FOODMOOD story doesn't suit you and prefer to opt out, please refer to paragraph 2.5 of our Terms and Conditions.


Our starting point: too many choices make your life harder. @FOODMOOD we have designed our search engine to make your search experience quick and easy!

Dishes will be suggested to you one at a time. FOODMOOD learns from your response (yum or yuk) in real-time and navigates through thousands of opportunities out there while you sit down and relax.
In a dozen swipes, FOODMOOD works out your food mood and provides recommendations of restaurants you’ll love. Just tap the heart to see them!

How is that possible? Each pic is characterised by more than a hundred features ranging from the cuisine type to the composition of the dish itself. FOODMOOD uses those features to analyse your tastes and figure out where you should eat out today!

When food lovers happen to be geeks

Charles and Mehdi together have more than 25yrs experience in developing sophisticated algorithms for work and for fun.
Frenchies and Londoners at heart, we’re obviously passionate about food and our city.